Nilocin Serum pen

Nilocin Serum pen

Proven effective against nail fungus
Treats & prevents fungal nail infection
Easy to use pen - no filling is needed



How does Nilocin Serum Pen work?

The handy pen allows an easy and quick application. Each pen contains approximately 250 single applications.
Treats nail fungus - by saturating the keratin layer of the nail and lowering the pH of the infected nail, Nilocin creates an unfavorable environment to the disadvantage of the fungus, thereby treating Onychomycosis.
Prevent nail fungus - daily application helps to prevent fungal nail infection.
Clinically proven - Nilocin is clinically proven: 95% effectiveness in removing the fungal infection. Visible improvement after only 2 weeks of treatment.


1. Clean the nail and remove nail varnish before each use.
2. Apply twice daily for the first four weeks of use.
3. Apply once daily thereafter until the healthy looking nail has replaced the damaged nail. The solution must be applied to the entire surface of the nail including the underside of the front most edge. It is not necessary to apply added pressure during application.
4. Re-cap the pen tightly after each use. Pen contains sufficient solution for approximately 250 applications.
5. Nilocin Serum Pen can also be used preventatively. Apply Nilocin Serum Pen one time daily to help prevent fungal infection of the nails.

Please read the leaflet (inside the box) carefully before using Nilocin

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