Limisan is a painless skin adhesive remover.

Limisan is a revolutionary product that offers painless, effective and easy to use solution for the removal of adhesives from the skin. Limisan is invented to take care of your skin and works very easy and quick.



Plaster and other adhesives are designed to stay attached to the skin, but will hurt and can do damage once it’s time to remove them. Limisan is designed to facilitate easy, pain-free and non-traumatic removal of all types of adhesives, including plasters, tapes, dressings and patches.

Limisan will avoid pain and skin damage and is proven to be very safe and effective on several adhesives. This is friendlier for the skin and can help promote better wound healing as it reduces the damage caused to the skin and wound area by removing the adhesive Limisan comes in a spray which ensures easy application and it will work within seconds.

Limisan is proven to be very safe and does not sting or irritate, even on broken skin. Limisan has a fresh smell and contains ingredients that directly moisturizes the skin, which is often needed near a damaged skin. Limisan will dry very quickly and will therefore not influence the adhesion of the next plaster.

Limisan is unique, affordable and a must have for every family!

Limisan suitable for adults and children and is very effective and safe. Limisan works on all types of adhesives, including acrylic-based, rubber-based and hydrocolloid plasters, dressings and tape.


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