Dexem Repair Cream For eczema and skin irritation



- Treats the symptoms of eczema and (allergic) skin irritations Relieves itch and treats damaged, red, and  dry  skin. Supports the skin’s natural healing process and neutralizes harmful  bacteria

- Refreshes and conditions the skin

- Hormone-free

- Steroid-free

- Suitable for use on infants & children

What is Dexem® Repair Cream used for?

Dexem®  Repair Cream targets the symptoms of eczema and other forms      of irritated skin. This steroid-free cream moisturises  and  calms  the  skin. The cream has been dermatologically tested and suitable  to  use  on children. Dexem® Repair Cream is especially suitable  for  use  on  small areas of skin such as the hands and face. Dexem has developed a range     of products designed specifically for different areas of the body affected by irritation of the skin.


Dexem® Repair products contain the bio-active 2QR complex. This ingredient supports the skin’s natural healing process. Its polysaccharide chains have the unique characteristic of binding to harmful bacteria. This blocks the bacteria, thus protecting the skin cells from being attacked. By lightening the bacterial load and optimizing the condition of the skin, the Dexem® Repair products help the skin to return to its healthy state. Dexem® Repair products go beyond protecting the skin by supporting the skin’s natural healing process. Furthermore, the Dexem® Repair Cream has been specifically developed to moisturise and nourish the skin.

When and how to use Dexem® Repair Cream:

• To treat the symptoms of eczema and other types of (allergic) skin irritations:

Apply liberally to the irritated skin twice daily or more frequently if required. Dexem® Repair Cream is intended for external use only. Suitable for infants and children. Dexem® Repair Cream should be used at room temperature.

Use of other medications:

There are no known interactions with other medications.

How to store Dexem® Repair Cream:

Store this product in a cool, dry place. Do not use after the expiry date displayed on the tube as well as on the bottom of the carton. Keep out of reach of children.


• Avoid contact of the cream with the eyes. If you do get Dexem® Repair Cream in your eyes, wash with plenty of clean water. Should an irritation persist, seek advice from your medical practitioner.

• Do not use this product if you have a known hypersensitivity to one       or more of the ingredients. If you have sensitive skin it is adviseable to apply a small amount of the product to the inside of the elbow prior to use in order to test for possible irritation.

Packaging: Tube 30g

Manufacturered in The Netherlands

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